Baby Things

So the last year has been amazingly busy – with work, study, pregnancy, house work, etc’.

I gave birth to my wonderful baby boy last month so I have even less time for myself but “if you want a job done – give it to a busy person”!

So here are some things I’ve done:

Baby dresser (2)


My friends gave me a crib and baby changing unit. I thought they could do with a spruce up to suit the tiny baby room better so I started by painting them white.

Baby dresser

I then used some stencils to decorate the crib –


Baby Crib details (2)

Baby Crib details (10)

I didn’t decorate the baby changing unit yet – too busy/lazy! When I do it – and it will be soon! – I will upload the pictures.

I’ll also upload some pictures of the crib when its set up – currently we are using ‘Amby Nature’s Nest’ for him to sleep in (and he loves it) so the space is taken up by a rocking chair.

Hmm… Another picture needed…


Work in progress

Haven’t posted in ages due to work,pregnancy, studying and doing stuff in the house!


Here is something I’ve started this morning:


Painting for Sue and Dave (3)

Painting for Sue and Dave


Painted these fields with water soluble oils, its still not finished, just waiting for the oils to dry so I can continue as its definitely missing something in the foreground.


Let me know if you’ve got any ideas! 🙂


The Cats

Animals have always been a big part of my life and as we both work we decided to get cats to keep us company, as dogs would probably be too lonely when we are out.

I was looking through my photo collection yesterday and wanted to share some of these lovely and entertaining pictures of our feline family members.



Mista (25)Milo (12)

Mista (M) RIP                                       Milo (M) RIP









Guido (M). Don’t let the big eyes act fool you, he’s a killer.










Boris (M). Yes, he is as dopey as he looks.

















Last, but not least, Sasha (F). When we first got her from the RSPCA (above) and as she looks now.




And another one for the road:



I hope you are having a slob fest this weekend! (If not, you can take some lessons from Guid)


Happy New Year!

Yes, yes, a bit late I know. I know its the end of February but better late than never!

Things have been a bit chaotic recently and I’ve also started an Open Uni course so they won’t get any easier. Plus other things that are going on that will make this year even more interesting but in a good way.

I’ve thought to share what I gave my friends for Christmas. Gifts are a great way to start the year don’t you think? (I know it was technically the end of the year but I don’t care)

Previously I’ve shared with you the wonderful creations of my friend Mazzi on her Latika shop. So I ordered a few of her soaps (which are totally awesome in case you had any doubt) and made some wrapping paper myself (since I had no money or inclination to go and buy some).

Here are the results (no picture of the wrapped up gifts, but I still have a spare in a draw so I’ll try and take one later):


Take one foam butterfly and glue to a peg.


Take aforesaid Butterfly peg, dip in acrylic paint, press onto parcel paper and let is dry.


Ta da! Wrap up your gifts and tie them with some ribbon!


Oh, and unlike one of my friend, DON’T try and eat the cookies or you’ll get a bad case of bubbly burps.


Is looking forward to a wonderful rest of the year.

x Inbal


Disappeared a bit this week

Sorry for disappearing this week!

I have been busy clicky ti clicking with my needles with every free opportunity and also doing some more pegs.

As I’ve got a busy week ahead of me – Meal, Rock concert, Meal etc’ – I will try to put up some more pictures of things I’ve done this week as soon as I can!


I would like to add my deepest sympathies to the families of the victims of the fire on the Carmel mountains, and all the people evacuated from their homes.