Yes. you read right.

Today we are talking doors.

After not writing for nearly two years (I’ve been busy, having children and doing some fun projects) I’ve decided to open a new door and try to keep posting more often. Well, here and on my new blog.

So what a better way than to post about a door…. A door to our downstairs toilet.

I have to admit, I’m one of these people that see a blank space and just need to fill it with something visually attractive. I was thinking about this door since we had the house renovated and eventually I went online and bought some Calvin and Hobbs collection books.

If you don’t know who Calvin and Hobbs are – they are a comic duo from the mind of the great Bill Watterson. My eldest looks a bit like Calvin and he has the same fun loving adventurous spirit so I thought it would be a great choice. (Plus the comic strips are full of little life lessons, a great read for the toilet!)

I was sure there would be loads of projects like this online, but when I looked for how to do it I couldn’t find anything. So here is how I did it:

  1. First I painted the door white so the comic won’t disappear on a dark surface once it was glued on.
    painting the door white

    painting the door white

    The door all white

  2. While the door was drying I could go through the comic books and cut out the strips I wanted to use.
    Obviously this is a much better way to pass the time than watching paint dry, and as you can imagine took a lot longer than the door took to dry anyway. But it was a fun reading through the books !
    comic strips and glue mixture
  3. Make some glue mixture – dilute PVA glue with water. The misture needs to be quite watery, just like making papier mâché.
    Then you can start putting the pieces of paper (in this case the comic strips) to soak for about half a minute – depending on the type of paper, it may be less or more – then place on the door.20140711_212250
    Make sure you have a mat down, it can be messy!
  4. You can start from a corner, or you can start from the middle. I tried both on either side of the door, and I have to admit that starting from a corner was much easier due to the shape of the strips.However, if you were sticking random pictures or coloured paper that has no need to be read then you would probably want to start from the middle with your favourite image as a centre piece and work your way out.

    first comic strips on the door

  5. Once you cover as much surface as you want, let the whole thing dry.
  6. Now, take the PVA pot and brush PVA on everything. This helps to glue the paper more to the door, but more importantly protects it from dirt and scratches.PVA glue
    Covering with PVA
    all covered in PVA
  7. That’s it! you’re all done!Door covered in comics
    Door covered in comics

The only issue with having a door like this as your toilet room door, is that guests seem to stay in there much longer….

Have you done a similar project for your home? I’d love to see it so please post in the comments!

Have a wonderful day,



A home made storage boxes

I have been tidying up my work room yesterday and you can always use more storage so today Monkey Boy and I created this folder holder:

Bland Little Owl -  home made Folder Holder

We did this a few times in the last few months, its an easy way to keep him engaged in some crafting and it’s very easy to prepare (it took me about 10 minutes to cover the box with the paper the night before…).

What you will need:

1. Any cardboard box will do. You can use a cereal box or the nappy boxes. You can use smaller boxes for trinkets too!

2. Paper – newspaper, plain white, brown paper, magazine paper….

3. PVA glue mixed with water (its not a total scientific thing for me, just make sure its more watery than gluey) and a brush.

4. Paints, stickers, markers, stamps and anything else you can think of.

What to do:

Get your PVA/water mix and the paper. I used big sheets of paper so I smeared glue mix on the box first and tried to glue to paper as smoothly as possible while smearing it with more glue mix. Make sure you soak your paper, think Papier-mâché. If your paper is in small pieces just dunk it in the glue and stick it on the box!

Bland Little Owl - home made folder holder 3

Don’t forget the bottom of the box, you can leave it to dry upside down on a plastic table cloth or your kitchen counter and it should be fine.

Leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Bland Little Owl - home made folder holder

No, the paper hasn’t magically changed colour, these are some boxes we have decorated already 🙂

So now the fun part! Decorating!

Bland Little Owl - home made folder holder (2)Bland Little Old - home made folder holder

And that’s it! I use the smaller boxes to store his creations in, the bigger one we made today will store my work folders in Smile

Bland Little Owl - home made Folder Holder 2

I’ve also seen people add string on the top of these boxes to carry them easily.

Have fun and let me know if you made these!


Blackboard table

So what did I do with my son’s play table once I finished the chair?

I decided to paint the top with some blackboard paint I’ve bought in Wilkinson’s  and the legs with the Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, this time in red (so the whole set of two chair and table are in primary colours).

Again, I started by cleaning the table. Then I applied the blackboard paint to the top. I began with it as the chalk paint wipes off easily even when it is dry!

I painted the top with about three layers of blackboard paint but retrospectively I would do even more as my son has scratched it loads since. Maybe a different brand would be better but I don’t know.



I then carried on to paint the table with the red Annie Sloan Chalk paint (I think it’s called Emperor’s Silk but I can’t remember and the pot is upstairs so I’ll leave you to guess)

As with the chair, I painted it a couple of times to make sure it’s covered properly.




I then continues to sand then wax (or did I wax then sand – it doesn’t really matter how you do it, you can bring out the colour of the wood if you wax after)

Here is a close up of the sanding I did. You need to experiment with different grades of sandpaper to see which gives you the texture you like.


I let it all dry then varnished it with quick drying varnish about three times.

That’s it! Here’s Little Monkey and his finished furniture.

Bland Little Owl - upcycled child table and chairs

I’d love to know what you think so please comment bellow! Smile



Its all in a chair… upcycling a child’s seat

I have recently been to a workshop at the lovely Re-Loved where I learned to decorate items using Annie Sloan’s paints. I chose to bring one of my son’s chairs I wanted to upcycle and using the skills learned at the workshop I also did the other chair and table.

First, I cleaned the chair of any muck. You don’t have to sand it as this paint can stick to most surfaces and if sanded it is more likely to absorb into the wood (or so I’ve been told Smile


I started painting from the bottom so it’s easier to paint everything else (by the time the top is finished the paint was dry to the touch underneath)


Next painting the rest of the chair, leaving it to dry for a bit (if it’s warm it doesn’t take long, maybe half an hour if that) then another layer.

seat painted

I then used some plastic stencils with a brush and black acrylic paint on the back of the chair…



Those things at the back hanging to dry are the cloth nappies we use in case you were wondering! Smile with tongue out

After I finished all the painting and stencilling I dabbed a cloth in wax (I used an old kitchen towel but you can probably get better things for this) and covered the chair with it. I then sanded the chair to give it a bit of a used look. You could also do this the other way around – sand first, wax later.

I then left it for a few days for the wax to dry/absorb or what ever it is that it does… and varnished it. You don’t have to, but as it is going to be used by small children I figured it was a good idea. I varnished it about 3 times (yes I may have been OTT) but this was easy as I did it with a quick drying wood varnish.

To see the final product you will have to wait for the next post where I’ll show you what I did with the table Smile

See you soon!


Wow I haven’t posted in AGES!!

So much has changed in the last year, I won’t bore you with the details. I now enjoy working for my sister and enjoy it immensely. I may go into it at more depth in future but for now here are some things I’ve made in the last year.

More will follow in other posts as I will go into more detail as to how I’ve made them 🙂

A bag I sewed with the help of the lovely Fiona from Fi Fabrics


A Bunny I knitted using a pattern from the book ‘Knitted Nursery’


And a knitted Sweater I made for my son (he is over a year old now!!) using a technique a friend taught me of knitting from the top down and all in one go – I love it!



Withered and ugly? or is it…

We tend to think of beauty as something that disappears with time.


Tulip (5)

But does it truly disappears or does it manifest itself in different ways?

 Tulip (6)

Maybe all we need to do is look closer…


Tulip (2)

Such as in this withered tulip…