Blackboard table

So what did I do with my son’s play table once I finished the chair?

I decided to paint the top with some blackboard paint I’ve bought in Wilkinson’s  and the legs with the Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, this time in red (so the whole set of two chair and table are in primary colours).

Again, I started by cleaning the table. Then I applied the blackboard paint to the top. I began with it as the chalk paint wipes off easily even when it is dry!

I painted the top with about three layers of blackboard paint but retrospectively I would do even more as my son has scratched it loads since. Maybe a different brand would be better but I don’t know.



I then carried on to paint the table with the red Annie Sloan Chalk paint (I think it’s called Emperor’s Silk but I can’t remember and the pot is upstairs so I’ll leave you to guess)

As with the chair, I painted it a couple of times to make sure it’s covered properly.




I then continues to sand then wax (or did I wax then sand – it doesn’t really matter how you do it, you can bring out the colour of the wood if you wax after)

Here is a close up of the sanding I did. You need to experiment with different grades of sandpaper to see which gives you the texture you like.


I let it all dry then varnished it with quick drying varnish about three times.

That’s it! Here’s Little Monkey and his finished furniture.

Bland Little Owl - upcycled child table and chairs

I’d love to know what you think so please comment bellow! Smile



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