My BEST creation yet

Ziv 23 March (28)


Baby Things

So the last year has been amazingly busy – with work, study, pregnancy, house work, etc’.

I gave birth to my wonderful baby boy last month so I have even less time for myself but “if you want a job done – give it to a busy person”!

So here are some things I’ve done:

Baby dresser (2)


My friends gave me a crib and baby changing unit. I thought they could do with a spruce up to suit the tiny baby room better so I started by painting them white.

Baby dresser

I then used some stencils to decorate the crib –


Baby Crib details (2)

Baby Crib details (10)

I didn’t decorate the baby changing unit yet – too busy/lazy! When I do it – and it will be soon! – I will upload the pictures.

I’ll also upload some pictures of the crib when its set up – currently we are using ‘Amby Nature’s Nest’ for him to sleep in (and he loves it) so the space is taken up by a rocking chair.

Hmm… Another picture needed…