The Cats

Animals have always been a big part of my life and as we both work we decided to get cats to keep us company, as dogs would probably be too lonely when we are out.

I was looking through my photo collection yesterday and wanted to share some of these lovely and entertaining pictures of our feline family members.



Mista (25)Milo (12)

Mista (M) RIP                                       Milo (M) RIP









Guido (M). Don’t let the big eyes act fool you, he’s a killer.










Boris (M). Yes, he is as dopey as he looks.

















Last, but not least, Sasha (F). When we first got her from the RSPCA (above) and as she looks now.




And another one for the road:



I hope you are having a slob fest this weekend! (If not, you can take some lessons from Guid)


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