My weekly Etsy finds

I love looking at things people sell on Etsy, there’s always something special somewhere.


Anyone that wears glasses knows how hard it is to find a pair you actually like…I want these ones!  (hint hint somebody)

They’re from momandpopsvintage shop.


This little drawing from michelemaule


and the last one, this sweet print from BeiLeXian


Kinneret/Sea of Galilee


This is one of my favourite places on the planet. I will always have fond memories of camping or staying in a cabin nearby.

Have you got any places that inspire you or will always stick in your mind?

Do share!


Pen Drawing – Warwick Castle

I’ve had a productive day today.

After watching Kirstie’s Home Made Home yesterday (Got to love Catch up TV woohoo!) and loving the obvious statement of “Your house should reflect you and who you are”, (which, by the way, ours does partially anyway) had a little tidy up of my art nest and did some crafting.

Also, I’ve FINALLY got around to scanning the drawings I’ve done through the summer so here’s one. The rest to follow, along with the products of my craftiness…



Lil Hoots

As we are heading for Christmas I’ve been in gifty mood this week, so I’ve been all over etsy messing about looking at stuff (not to buy anything cause I have no money but more like window shopping …)

Here are a few treasures I’ve found:

This lovely lil Owl from ManicMuffinTotes’s shop



This Funky Print from BlackBaroque’s shop

Hehe! And for all my UK comrades – I know these aren’t meerkats but all I could think of when I saw this from thehauntedstudio was:

“Copare the Maaaarket.com” <giggle, snort>

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about go here:


No, I’m not getting paid for putting this here but I just think that who ever thought of this is pure Guinious 🙂