Paint what you know

There’s a saying to start off young authors: “Write about what you know”. Well I’ve decided to change it to suit me (as always) to “Paint what you know”.

Sounds simple and obvious but you’d be surprised how many times I’ll sit there trying to draw and end up with a paper full of useless squiggles because I didn’t use any references at all, or any models. When you use memories and places you know and like, life is a lot easier and painting is that much more fun.

That doesn’t mean you have to paint everything in the scene or that you can’t ADD or TAKE OUT things, after all it’s your painting. Further more being creative and trying different techniques  is important to find what suits you and what really makes painting or drawing fun for you.

As I’m from Israel I’ve decided to use Israeli inspiration and over the last few days finished 2 paintings (which is why I didn’t  write on here for a while) that will follow in the next posts.


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