Some thoughts about art

I happened to watch a program about Tate museum of modern art and it’s exhibits and it made me think about how much my taste in art has changed.

Where I used to really like art work that was “photographic” (and still do, after all you have to appreciate the amount of skill to paint/draw like this – Yes its a drawing!) I’ve started to move away from it, or expand my horizons if you like.

Now that we have cameras to “preserve memories” for us, making things more interesting and creative seems to me a lot more fun. That’s why I like the art of Salvador Dali, for example, which can be very beautifully painted but highly imaginative – apparently its all about the “Dreamworld”, Freudian psycho analytical etc’. This is the painting that inspired my naked lady painting.
Try looking at some of his art, its quite interesting when you actually think about what’s in the pictures.
Can’t say I’m aiming at painting like him though!
Not finished on this subject, but I’ll continue in future posts.

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